We introduce ourselves
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We introduce ourselves

For the produkcion we are using nontraditional technology of TEKCAST Inc. USA, since the year 1992. We have a new works in the village Polnička near the town Žďár nad Sázavou.

Our firm have 4 workers. We are producing about 1.500 kg of castings a month. Their are about 300 kinds of castings in our small exhibition.
Our basic production work are zinc alloy castings of the machine parts and skeletons for different industrial branches and castings for decoration and advertising.
On the base of your invention we are ready for all-inclusive service. Your component part will be worked up according design and technological conditions, we will fabricate pattern and sample casting, and after customers approval we will cast required guantity...
All castings will be cleaned off and we can arrange final surface finish and transport.

         Ing. Karel Dítě