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Now applying only black diamonds, Hublot designed the ultimate, $1 million luxury replica watches - Black Caviar Bang.
The design of the Black Caviar Bang is amazing and the setting is quite complicated. The replica watches is featured in unusual lines of the Big Bang case. They are round but intriguingly with sharp angles.
The Black Caviar Bang by Hublot is the highest level of micro-mechanic sophisication.
The replica watches case is done in 18-karat white-gold and polished with 322 beautiful diamond baguettes.
Just when you think you can't find another diamond, the Hublot Black Caviar astonishes you. Diamonds are everywhere.
Hublot has also mounted 179 diamonds on the bezel, as well as30 housed on the replica watches clasp.
The Black Caviar Bang is powered by the Hub Solo T tourbillon movement.
The million dollar Hublot Black Caviar Bang is only crafted in very limited quantities. Because of the complicated design, it takes over 2,000 hours to make each watches. The watch, due to the tasteful apearance and the complicated design, surely can be very attentioned by many discerning replica watches lovers and addicts.

We introduce ourselves
Spin - casting
Technological facilities
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TEKCAST spin-casting technology
After technical nagotiation is made casting drawing including
pattern drawing with pattern allowances and drafts and core beds. Metal pattern – usually hard aluminium – is made by machining. By the same time are made teflon cores for casting’s cavities.

Patterns are hand formed into the soft non-vulkanized compound TEKSIL. Any arbitrary is possible. Mould with patterns and mould joints determinated by the mould separation are fixed into vulcanizing frame and placed in the curing press. In this press, under the high pressure and about 180°C temperature ( 335 F), vulcanizing process produce solid compound with cavity precisely duplicating pattern surface and shape.

After finishing of vulcanizing process
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process patterns are removed from the mould and in the cavity ingates and air vents are hand cutted. After this mould is ready for casting. It is necessary to stress, that pattern manufakturing, vulcanize processing and preparation for casting is ready in few hours and in case of complicated castings is ready in one day only. Due to this, spin casting technology is very excelent technology for prototype castings in all industrial branches. In few days and in very atractive cost is possible to obtain hundreds castings for marketing intention, for function and strenght testing and surface appereance. After this is easy to realize reguired routin changes without expensive extra adaptation of large-scale production tooling for die-casting of metals or plastics.